Proven weight loss tips to avoid ‘fattening the curve’

You’re gorgeous no matter what, regardless if you’re plus-size, curvy or overweight.

Here at Wellnessible or Wellness is Possible, we advocate for embracing the fact that all of us are work in progress– be it in our body, diet, or career goals. That’s why you see our contents about celebrating body positivity while keeping a mindset of working to achieve those goals because it is possible, that’s why WELLNESS is POSSIBLE!

With the challenging situation that we are all in, however, experts say that people of any age who have unhealthy weight are at higher risk of severe illness from COVID-19!*

So if you are one of those who are not happy with your weight, please read on.

There are many ways to shed some pounds naturally without depriving yourself or doing a hungry diet. 

Here are some scientifically proven ways to help you with your weight goals:

1. Exercise

Research shows that exercise is effective to boost your metabolism. 

And metabolism is important to avoid unhealthy weight gain. Since we have different lifestyles and wellness goals, it’s important to pick a workout that works for you. 

For me, micro-workout works. I’m not a fan of working out for one or two hours every day! The reason is that our liver has to process all the fuel you burn when you exercise extremely hard. If it is already having a hard time providing energy, the extra burden from super intense daily workouts just makes things worse. 

Micro workouts, on the other hand, are small incremental workouts. Typically 15 minutes twice a day only. And this type of workout helps because it helps you retain your muscles and don’t require your liver to process more fuel.

Besides micro-workout, yoga also helps in keeping a healthy weight.

Again, find something you’ll enjoy in the long run and something that suits you because, at the end of the day, exercise is all about sustainability. 

2. Mindful Eating

Mindful eating is being present as you take bites or as you drink.

Mindfulness ignites our inner power for healing and synergy between our minds and bodies.

That’s why being mindful is so important!

When you’re distracted while eating, your digestion is compromised before you even put food in your mouth, increasing your risk for developing digestive distress — not good if you’re on a weight loss journey! 

Get into a tech-free zone as you eat, no TV, no phone, just focus on savoring the food and expressing gratitude as you eat, because after all, food is a blessing. 

3. Strategies for dealing with stress eating

Let’s face it, we live in one of the most stressful times. This leads to a lot of people leaning to stress eating to manage their stressors. And you know how this ends, it increases the number of obesity cases. 

One of the proven ways to beat stress eating is by developing awareness around what triggers your overeating. Then create tools to help when your triggers are activated. Tools like using the power of positive self-talk, going for a run, and helping a charity. All of these are known to help overcome stress.

4. Detox

Our bodies accumulate toxins over time as a result of improper diet, chronic stress, and pollutants from the environment. These toxins can lead to weight gain. But since some of these toxins are water-soluble, it’s easy to remove them from the body with diet, exercise and yes, one of my favorite words…DETOX! 

Detox basically means naturally cleaning out the toxins in our body.

There are many ways to detox. Some examples are going on fruit and veggie detox or juice cleanse diet. So yes, bring your smoothie game on! Don’t forget to drink a lot of water too, it’s known to help in detoxification too!

Another important note, our liver is our detox organ. It works to filter out toxins from the foods we eat and environmental exposures as well as acting as a blood purifier. Needless to say, if our liver isn’t working well, our ability to detox will be a problem. Studies show that one example of liver care is by avoiding or lessening alcohol consumption. It may be sad news to some but trust me this helps with getting slimmer!

For more tips about this bit, make sure to connect with me on my Instagram, because I’ll be posting a project about it soon! You’ll thank us later for sure *wink*.

In addition to these tips, consider speaking with your doctor should your weight problems start manifesting more and more every day.

Again, people with obesity should be extra careful from COVID-19. For more weight loss tips listen to this Wellnessible podcast episode  — a surprising and helpful audio experience awaits!

Don’t give up on your wellness goals! 

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