The healthy and mission-driven drink everyone is talking about

The new normal inspired most of us to be more mindful of our habits- from routines, to choices to buying habits.

And one of the positive things about 2020 is that more people became health-conscious and started paying more attention to sustainable brands.

If a brand pushes for sustainable methods, it’s a big win not just for their bottom line but for the consumers, the society, and most importantly, the environment as well. 

That’s why we are excited that Bayani Brew is in the spotlight. In case you’re wondering why a lot of Filipinos are sipping into this goodness.

Their ready-to-drink flavors of Lemongrass Pandan, Sweet Potato Leaves, Moringa Dalandan, Lemongrass Turmeric or Lemongrass Ginger are all delicious and organic! Plus packed in antioxidants, iron & vitamin C!

And this vitamin-rich drink is a social enterprise in Gawad Kalinga Farm that provides livelihood to local farmers and promotes sustainable farming.

So if you want to help more farmers while staying healthy, vote with your wallet, and support Bayani Brew.

This month on their 8th year anniversary, Bayani Brew and Wellnessible teamed up for different collaborations — from charity project, online financial education to help Filipinos courtesy of Mr. Chink Positive, Chinkee Tan.

Wellness is Possible with Bayani Brew and so is being a hero.

Be a bayani and join the sustainable movement.

Drink Bayani Brew today!

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