Why your wellness routines should include a ‘Chink Positive’ mindset

Whether it’s for our fitness or for skill, when we want to learn something new to get a result and aren’t sure what steps to take, we seek online or in-real-life coaches. 

When it comes to financial management, a money coach can help you move forward.

They help you identify your goals, find solutions to your financial problems or help you get rid of bad money habits.

Philippines’ Pambansang Wealth Coach and a master on personal finance, Mr. Chinkee Tan had been a great part of my wellness journey.

Since starting Wellnessible in 2018, I’ve always been obsessed in finding ways to grow.

From learning about health and wellness, money tips, fitness hacks, biohacking, and exploring a growth mindset.

Chinkee’s famous “Chink Positive” is a great influence on me and for this Wellness is Possible movement that you have come to know.

2020 is tough for everyone.  And we are in the midst of health and financial crisis. But the great news is, with wellness, plus the right mindset, we can overcome this. 

I think our wellness game is not complete without the financial aspect. When you include a Chink Positive thinking you know how to create money, how to develop an entrepreneurial mindset, and much more. 

I’ve been reminding myself every day about a quote and I want to tell you the same thing…Chinkee says it all the time.

“Be an iponaire to become a Millionaire.” 

Personally, I think Chinkee’s methods and formulas about finance can help unlock money goals even during a crisis.

That’s why Wellnessible SEASON 3 kick-off episode was with him!

He answered my questions about growing your money in the new normal. He also talked about his wellness perspectives that are connected to being financially secure and debt-free.

Do your future self a favor and check that interview and visit chinktv.com– his bestselling books can literally change your life too!

And on Sept 30 9:30PM, the king of money talks in the Philippines will have 1M Subscribers Youtube Celebration with giveaways. 

Visit his Youtube and join the celebration.

Level up your wellness routines with Chink Positive mindset.

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